Peace and quiet are not on the menu for Camping Atlantide as it was designed specifically for the children and the camping will cry out with their screams of joy and laughter all summer long.

There will be different themes for the family all summer long.  There will be known artists for evening entertainment.  We will also have professional public entertainers and our animation team is also there to amuse the young.  There will be 20 known mascots and a sports program set up on the campgrounds.  When you arrive you will receive documentation for the theme of the week (activities, shows, site maps, etc) Every Saturday night for 30 to 45 minutes before the show the children will be able to go on stage and participate in the activities or the show.

The children can use the big room in the large interior community center and let their imagination run free doing arts and crafts and have fun with our team of animators or they can get ready for the preview of our Saturday night show.